How to Become a TripIndulge Agent

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Become a TripIndulge Independent Agent

Whether you are an industry veteran or just starting your travel career TripIndulge wants you on our team!

We are passionate leaders who care deeply about helping you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Our Independent Agent Programs are crafted to provide Professional Careers and a Flexible Lifestyle providing:

Relaxed Lifestyle

As a member of TripIndulge, you will earn what a passionate travel professional should earn: top-tier commissions with more than 140+ air, cruise and land supplier partners.
The TripIndulge Virtual Office©

The TripIndulge Virtual Office is our turnkey business solution for social commerce in the Travel Industry. It allows you to work from home or on the road with mobile digital tools and resources that set you up for success.
The Virtual office includes:

Agent booking engines to research air, hotels and resorts, tours, vacation packages and more, make recommendations to your clients, and complete transactions when your clients are ready to close.  We have negotiated superior commission rates with preferred suppliers and through our consortium relationships gained access to travel content not available to the traveling public.
Client Base, a Client Relationship Management 
[CRM] System. Work from Client Base to create client profiles, communicate with clients, open reservations and manage all aspects of your client relationship...and do it from your home computer, laptop or tablet anywhere you have a WiFi or broadband connection. Digital Manuals and Standard Operating Guides. We make every effort to provide you a one stop location where you can get the answers to your questions or advice on best practices. We are constantly updating our digital manuals and working with associates to continually make them better. TripIndulge University. Our Training, Education and Professional Development Platform is designed to assist you in quickly on-boarding through e-learning courses and reference materials accessible from any digital device. If you are a new agent we have a curriculum designed to give you the industry fundamentals and knowledge you need for success. If you are an industry veteran we get you quickly oriented to our Operating Systems and policies so you can get up and running. VoIP. We provide each independent agent with a unique voice over internet protocol [VoIP] number. This number and agent extension functions on your existing smartphone allowing you maintain your personal number for private communications while having a professional business number for your clients [and perspective clients]. You get voice mail, fax capability, conferencing capability and can set your availability to protect your valuable family time while capturing client messages in your voice mail. It also allows us to efficiently manage lead generation connections between you and perspective clients. Travel Planning Resources. We have consolidated a number of useful resources in one place to facilitate your travel and trip planning. Social Networking. The independence of working as a TripIndulge Agent from wherever home may be is a great lifestyle advantage, but it can also isolate you from the relationships that working in a traditional workplace environment can provide. We believe that there is power in relationships and building shared awareness and identity among our associates. We

With TripIndulge’s Virtual Office© you have the flexibility and independence to build your career with a powerful digital solution designed with social commerce in mind. Work where you want, when you want and never be out of touch with your clients.

Plus, there are no annual renewal fees, no per-invoice or transaction fees, no ARC bond or accreditation requirements, and no long-term GDS contracts. TripIndulge takes care of all those back office and contracting functions so you can concentrate on serving your clients with exceptional travel solutions.
The TripIndulge Difference

Travelers need to be inspired. They need to see destinations, cruise ships and offers that not only excite them but also motivate them to contact you first.

TripIndulge provides you powerful marketing tools to consistently showcase the latest travel offers along with your value as a travel professional. As part of TripIndulge Virtual Office© we provide Client Base, the leading customer relationship management solution in the travel industry. TripIndulge reviews your client profiles on a regular basis to identify clients who have expressed an interest in a particular destination or travel experience and then sends them targeted, timely offers on your behalf; we run specific campaigns throughout the year to help you grow your business and keep you in your clients top-of-mind awareness throughout the year.

We also belong to CLIA, ARC and [a travel consortium] and as a TripIndulge independent agent you have access to all the marketing and promotional tools these leading organizations provide to their members; all accessible through the Virtual Office.

The TripIndulge Difference goes farther than other Host Agencies when it comes to marketing; we operate as a lead generation engine for our independent agents.

We orchestrate our network of travel agents and travelers using our proprietary TripIndulge Virtual Office© and Smart Middleware Applications allowing collaborative design, creation, and sale of travel solutions.

TripIndulge believes everyone deserves a personal travel agent.

When a traveler elects to join TripIndulge we assign them to an agent [in coordination with the agent] in their local area to become their personal travel agent. We view our primary mission as connecting travelers with travel solutions and establishing long-term relationships between clients and agents; we are a social commerce solution not a call center solution. We want to help you build lifetime client value, not just single transaction value.

TripIndulge also conducts active marketing and promotional campaigns in selected markets throughout the year to further drive client acquisition and sales. As an independent agent you have full control over your time and industry focus [cruise, leisure, corporate or group travel] but we will provide you opportunities to participate in these events and build your client list.

As part of your TripIndulge membership, you’ll have access to:’s award-winning Engagement mail and email marketing program for agents who submit a qualified customer mailing list
Targeted promotions, through database and client list segmentation, with exclusive supplier partner offers
A free, exclusive and interactive online marketing center that offers social media and email marketing solutions, providing maximum reach in communicating with your clients
Receive up to 80% of Commissions and Fee's. Depending on industry experience and sales volume
Get paid twice a month via direct deposit.
Access exclusive supplier offers, cruise block space and commissionable air contracts.

What can you earn as a TripIndulge Agent?

Ultimately, you control your earning potential based upon the decisions and commitment you make to your travel career, so there is no one-size-fits all answer.

If your personal circumstances allow you to pursue travel as a full time occupation, the industry sales average for a full time agent is about $700,000.00 in sales generating about $45,000.00 in annual income. That’s an average impacted by the focus of your travel practice; cruise specialists for example tend to have a higher blended commission rate and therefore may earn more and agents with established client lists can also command a higher commission split and also earn more than the average.

If your personal circumstances favor pursuing your travel career as a part-time occupation, industry sales averages come in at about $300,000 in sales generating about $22,000 in annual income; actual results, as with full time agents, will be impacted by the specifics of your practice.

If you are a new agent, whether pursuing travel as a part time or full time occupation it will obviously take time for you to build your practice to meet or exceed the industry averages.

TripIndulge forecasts that a new agent will take about 22 months to go from zero to an industry average practice. Can you shorten that time-frame? Of course, as with any profession you get out what you’re willing to put in; rapidly progressing through your training, spending time promoting your business, investing in local advertising, becoming active within social media networks, can all shorten the time it takes you to build higher incomes.

TripIndulge also believes in rewarding performance. Each year our CEO reviews all agent performance measures and will make a recommendation to our board of directors for annual incentive bonuses [Salaried Agents] and incentive rewards [Independent Agents]. These bonuses and rewards are based on actual company, region and agent performance and are discretionary.

Note that as an independent agent you also have business expenses which must be factored into your business plan.  TripIndulge makes every effort to provide you a fixed monthly cost for the core services you need to operate your travel practice.  

New Agent

If you are new agent entering our training program we will move you along as fast as you feel comfortable with; for planning purposes expect to spend about 90 days working through the basic travel agent curriculum before we activate your independent booking privileges with an initial 50% split on all fee’s and commissions booked.

Does this mean you can’t start earning before completing training? No, as is true with many professions the best way to learn is to actual roll up your sleeves and start practicing.

However, it is vital to your future in travel and our reputation and success as a company, that we never compromise our customer service standards nor expose you or the company to any legal liability; therefore we will pair you with an experienced agent to assist you in those initial bookings and provide quality assurance oversight.

Any client you identify will be recorded as your client for all transactions, now and in the future. The mentoring agent and the training agent will split the commission during the training period to compensate the mentor for their time and experience. Its a win-win situation allowing you to almost immediately begin earning while you learn.

Once you complete training you will receive 50% of all commissions and fees paid twice each month by direct deposit for all completed transactions.

Note that in many cases a booked commission will not be paid until the traveler actually completes travel and the supplier pays TripIndulge the earned commission; this varies by supplier but in all cases, when TripIndulge is paid you will be paid in the next payment cycle.

When you establish a sales volume exceeding $100,000 within a calendar year, your split will increase to 60%.

When you establish a sales volume exceeding $300,000 within a calendar year your commission split will increase to 70% and you also become eligible to act as a mentor to new agents still in training and will receive 50% of their commission on those transactions you facilitate.

Agents with a sales record over $300,000 and completing 24 months of continuous activity with TripIndulge become Experienced Agents for compensation and retention programs.
Experienced Agent

If you are experienced in the travel industry with a track record generating at least $300,000 in commissionable sales per year, and/or have a book of business of 500 clients or more, you are eligible to join TripIndulge as an Experienced Agent. A review of your resume, credentials and a phone interview and subsequent business discussion will determine exact contract terms.

However, you can expect to be on-boarded immediately with minimal training primarily focused on learning TripIndulge specific policies and business rules and then activated within the TripIndulge Virtual Office© with full privileges at a minimum of a 70% split. After 12 months as a TripIndulge Agent you will also become eligible to act as a mentor and add to your earning potential.

Agents with a track record of generating at least $500,000 in sales will be compensated at a minimum of an 80% split level and may become eligible for a rebate of monthly service fee’s depending on their actual booked revenue within the calendar year.

Salaried Agents

TripIndulge, from time to time, may have openings for salaried full time agents and it is our policy to first advertise openings to our TripIndulge Agent Community by publishing those openings on the TripIndulge Virtual Office for at least 14 days before advertising vacancies externally. We are an equal opportunity employer and will select the best and most fully qualified applicant for hire.

In general vacancies fall into two categories, reservation desk agents working in our corporate service center and field managers based in one of our 15 core markets throughout the United States.