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Normally we will collect a deposit at the time of booking to secure the best rates for your reservation; full payment is normally required prior to departure and we will inform you of payment due dates and then process your payments. In some cases based upon your scheduled departure date, full payment may be required at time of booking.
Family vacations are fantastic and of course your children can travel. There may be certain travel solutions that are not suited for children and that’s where our travel professionals can work with you to ensure we craft the perfect children friendly vacation.
We encourage you to register with us and become a TripIndulge member. We are constantly looking for the best deals and last minute offers for our members and based on your profile we will communicate to you when we come across something that matches your wish list. We also change offers on a weekly basis, so check back often.
Independent Traveling is one of the fastest growing segments in Travel and we absolutely offer choices for planning your own independent travel.

In the travel industry, the term Free Independent Traveler (or Tourist), abbreviated FIT, is used to refer to a single traveler or a small group (up to 9), in contrast to large, organized groups.

Our agents can work with you on a custom itinerary or you can choose from pre-bundled packages we offer through Monograms Vacations. We partnered with Monograms expressly for their experience in offering exceptional values in travel designed for maximum freedom while eliminating many of the common friction points of traveling abroad.