Greek and Turkish Islands and Coastal Cruising

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Enjoy traditional Greek and Turkish Folk music while you browse!

Experience the cultures of the Aegean

Greek Islands

Situated amid the sparkling Aegean, the Greek Islands captivate with whitewashed villages, ancient ruins, and craggy hillsides that give way to idyllic beaches. Take to the seas and the trails to experience Greece’s mythical islands on a unique adventure.  Journey to Santoríni to explore the island’s remarkable geological features and timeless villages on a variety of kayaking and hiking excursions. Paddle to crimson-colored volcanic beaches, hike along soaring cliffs, and step back in time amid fascinating archaeological ruins.

Turkish Riviera

Poised at the crossroads between East and West, Turkey is graced with a stunning coastline; picturesque villages; and a unique cultural legacy shaped by the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. Stroll through ancient Ephesus, and then soak up the rhythms of everyday life as you explore the Aegean coast from İzmir to Bodrum.
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Experience the cultures and beauty of the Aegean, we have selected offers to provide you with a unique and memorable adventure!

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Greek Island Cruise


Turkish Riviera

The best time to visit is September to November. That’s when the crowds diminish, the rates drop, and weather is spectacular. Peak season — summer — sees spikes in temperatures and room rates. To save money and sweat less, visit in the spring or fall. Spring is still a little chilly, so bring a coat. The winter months tend to be rainy, snowy and cold with average highs in the 40s. The dip in temperatures (and thus tourism) means that you’ll find bargains on hotel rates; the budget conscious could brave the weather and visit in December or January.
Yes, we can take care of all your transportation needs.
We suggest booking as early as possible to ensure your dates are locked in; generally a deposit will guarantee your reservation.

Greece currently does not require US citizens to have a visa to enter the country; however, we recommend working with your agent to confirm existing policy at least 60 days prior to scheduled departure to give you adequate time to comply should a change go into effect. If you are a US resident, but hold a passport from another country you must check to confirm your eligibility for visa free entry.

Turkey does require a visa which can be obtained electronically before departure. Turkey will also issue tourist visas on arrival at international airports; however we advise all our clients to obtain a valid visa before departure to avoid any possible administrative difficulty at the point of entry.

Yes, we have two ways for travelers who are comfortable traveling independently. We offer carefully planned vacations by Monograms that feature special access and guides for key attractions yet leave you free to explore on your own; these trips are a great value. We can also work with you to craft a bespoken, unique vacation that reflects your vision and passion; we never charge for planning services as long as you book with TripIndulge.
We recommend that all travelers check with the Department of State to get up to the minute assessments of areas they will be visiting. While Greece and Turkey both remain safe destinations, the turbulence in the Middle-East has led refugees to seek entrance to the European Union; the Turkish Riviera and the southern most Islands of the Aegean remain outside the main avenues of migration. We recommend cruising on a major cruise line as one method of ensuring your vacation is not impacted by these types of situations.

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Greek and Turkish Islands

How best to see the region?

Cruising The Aegean

There are many ways to experience the Aegean, you can easily and safely fly from Athens or Istanbul to many of the most common and popular destinations, or you can choose to board a cruise ship where the voyage itself is part of the adventure and you can experience a mix of islands without having to ever unpack!  We also highly recommend coastal cruising on the Turkish Rivera, this is a more intimate experience from the large cruise ships and represents a great value as well.  We have selected several examples to get you started and are standing by to help you craft a unique experience in this exceptional part of the world.

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