Mazatlan and the Mexican Riviera

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Experience The Mexican Riviera

The Mexican Riviera refers collectively to twenty cities and lagoons lying on the western coast of Mexico.  Although there are long distances between these cities, they are often collectively referred to as the Mexican Riviera because of their many oceanfront resorts and their popularity among tourists.[1] Cruise ships often visit three or four of these destinations on their longer cruises
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The Mexican Riviera is a year-round destination. Temperatures remain balmy (in the 70s and 80s) most of the year. August and September can be on the hot side, with temperatures in the 90s coupled with humidity that can be a little unpleasant.
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How best to see the region?

The best way to experience the Mexican Riviera is by Cruise Ship; its secure, convenient and you will see more destinations in a 7-day cruise.  If you choose to fly and stay at a resort we highly recommend an All-Inclusive resort where you can enjoy the sun, beaches and cuisine without having to worry about transportation.

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