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Enjoy traditional music from the South Pacific while you browse!

Adventures in the South Pacific

The South Pacific confounds even the savviest map buffs with its splatter of dots spread across the world’s biggest ocean. What you can’t tell from a map, or even most tourist brochures is that these palm-laden pinpricks are as diverse as the region is vast. While the postcards might look similar, Fiji and Tahiti are not interchangeable or even much alike when it comes to landscapes and culture.

South Pacific islands are culturally and geographically divided into Polynesia (from the Greek meaning ‘many islands’) and Melanesia (meaning ‘black islands’). Polynesian islands include Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Easter Island while Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands are Melanesian. The colonial history of the islands has resulted in a modern-day patchwork of English- and French-speaking island groups (plus Spanish in the far eastern Easter Island).

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The best time to visit Tahiti is between May and October. Although the temperatures are balmy year-round, Tahiti’s winter season enjoys less humidity during these months.
Yes, and because of the distances involved, most of our offers combine air travel and your cruise into a single price; some offers also include a stay in a resort property as part of your vacation experience.
The nature of cruising is that passenger capacity is limited and so we suggest booking as early as possible to ensure your dates are locked in; generally a deposit will guarantee your reservation.

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The South Pacific

How best to see the region?

There is simply no better way to see the islands than from a cruise ship especially designed for the waters of these Pacific Islands and so we have selected Paul Gauguin Cruises as our preferred partner in this region.  You can enjoy the beautiful vistas of the Pacific as you cruise to different islands and then explore those islands on your arrival.

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