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Enjoy a German Classical selection while you browse!

Experience European River Cruising

When you step on to an Avalon European river cruise, your breath will be taken away by the magic that separates you from everyday life on dry land. You’ll glide past imposing medieval castles, lush riverbank vineyards, and remarkable ancient wonders on your European river cruise. Every gentle bend of the river reveals another fascinating sight as your luxurious river cruise ship winds its way through scenic landscapes, delivering you right to where many of Europe’s most celebrated cities were born.

Experience European River Cruising. We have selected Avalon Waterways to provide you a range of exceptional options. Use our convenient search filters to find the perfect cruise for your vision.

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Danube River

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Rhine, Moselle & Main River

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Seine & Rhone River

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Fall is a great time to cruise although you can cruise almost year around, However there is a season for flooding. That season is spring with April the month you definitely want to avoid. April and early May are the months when a combination of melting snow and predictable rains can cause a considerable rise in water levels. The issue is that river boats must be built within certain strict size parameters to be able to fit under low-hanging bridges along the major rivers. High waters mean the boat portion of the cruise must be cancelled.
If cruising in May and June you may want to minimize the risk of high water ruining your riverboat experience by avoiding sailing the Rhine or the Danube on the scenic stretch between Vienna and Cologne. As a rule, the Moselle is less likely to flood.
Yes, we can take care of all your transportation needs.
The nature of river cruising is that passenger capacity is limited and so we suggest booking as early as possible to ensure your dates are locked in; generally a deposit will guarantee your reservation.

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European River Cruises

How best to see the region?

River Cruising from a Unique Point of View…Yours.

You see life differently. While others chase what’s popular, you follow your own path. Your own voice has never led you astray. You’ve arrived, knowing what it’s taken to get here. At Avalon, we share your unique point of view. That’s why we’ve designed a cruise experience that’s just a bit different. Spaces are bigger. Views are more epic. Excursions are more enriching. It’s a step beyond the ordinary, but knowing you, we think you’ll feel at home here. Welcome aboard.

Whether you’d like a romantic mini-break, an extended exploration, or something in between, with Avalon Waterways, you get to choose the river cruise that reveals the very best of Europe

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