Vacations in Africa and the Middle-East

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Crossroads of the Ancient World

Travel to the Middle East and experience the timeless landscapes and archaeological treasures that you’ve read about in the pages of National Geographic. Explore celebrated cities and sacred sites that have resonated throughout history, and learn about the cultures that continue to shape this fascinating land. On a journey to the Holy Land, visit Jerusalem and the Galilee.  Visit romantic Casablanca and explore the beautiful Canary Islands.  Along the way, you’ll meet with everyday people who bring depth and insight to your experience.

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Jerusalem and Canary Islands

How best to see the region?

There are many ways to travel with confidence and safety.  We suggest that when visiting regions that are less developed that cruises and escorted tours represent excellent options for all travelers independent of their experience level.  We have selected MSC Cruises, Globus and Cosmos Tours as our preferred partners in this region; all three have decades of experience and stellar industry reputations.  Travel with confidence.